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Google Adsense High Paying Kewords
Previously we discussed about How Does Google Make Money From Its Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords? Selecting a Top paying keyword for your site is very much important to earn more from Google Adsense. Keywords has to selected in such a way that it relates to your sites content. These top paying keywords bring top paying ads to your...
How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Mobile Devices How do you make sense of your own mobile traffic analytics on YouTube? What's the difference between the 3 YouTube mobile apps? How do you deal with the YouTube annotations problem on mobile? Tip #1: Understand Your Own Mobile Traffic Analytics on YouTube How much mobile traffic your YouTube channel gets depends on your...
Google Introduces Hindi Adsense Ads
Google Introduces Hindi Adsense Ads Google AdSense, which is one of the largest and best paying contextual ad networks used by thousands of web publishers in India, has finally added Hindi language support to their network. Google ads were not earlier supported on websites and blogs which posted content mainly in Hindi, as a result of which bloggers and publishers...