10 Things need to know about Blogging with Android

The rise in blogging platforms has exploded in recent years, with more people taking to the internet to vent their voice to the masses. With the technology in smartphones continuously becoming more advanced, it’s no surprise to see users using their devices to discuss the world around them. The selection of apps available for bloggers on the Android platform is pretty vast, and many can be synced with their desktop counterparts to create the ultimate blogging experience.

These apps are fast becoming real alternatives to having to rely on your computer to write full posts, and insted more users than ever are creating long text documents on their devices.

With several sites linking with cloud store media files, users can take photos and videos and instantly upload them to their blog for the world to see, without worrying about slow upload speeds.

Here’s ten things you need to know now:

1. Recognised platforms

You will find all the established blogging platforms in app from on the Google Play store, including WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous and LiveJournal. All of these applications have been developed to make them as easy as possible to create and edit your posts while you are on the move, as long as you have access to the internet obviously!

2. New Breed of apps

As well as the more traditional blogging apps on the market, there are also a number of newer blogging platforms specifically designed to work solely on mobile devices. Apps such as Blogaway and BlogDroid are very stripped back, but can be controlled entirely from your mobile device without the need for a desktop computer.

3. Create posts with ease

A common proble that used to plague mobile blogging apps was the lack of options when it came to creating a new post. Times have changed, however, and now alongside the standard text posts, users are able to upload images, audio and video to their blogs on the majority of blogging apps.

4. ‘Vlogging’ With ease

One of the more unique froms of blogging that has started to used more frequently is video blogging. This is generally simple to do, and only requires your phone to have a camera to work. Although many existing blogging apps have the capability to upload videos, ‘vlogging’ apps are more diary based where people can follow your everyday life.

5. Understanding voice blogging

There are very few voice blogging apps on the Play store, but it is largely an area of blogging that has yet to be truly explored. The standout app in voice blogging in truly explored. The standout app in voice blogging is Bubble Motion, an app that lets users create blog posts solely using their voices. People can then make comments on posts by also only using their voices. It’s a great concept, and one that will hopefully become more mainstream in the future.

6. Send and share instantly

We live in an age where social media is a major part of many people’s lives. Most Blogging apps have various connections to some source of socil media, alloowing their users to instantly send and share their posts on their social media profiles. WordPress in particular has options that enables every post you create to be automatically send to your Facebook profile.

7. Adding your location

Although a feature seen more in the Blogger app, and lesson in other blogging apps, users can tag locations to all their uploads. you will see this a lot with people who are keeping a travel diary of their round the world trip, for instance. Tumblr lets its users search for posts based entirely on people’s location – a nice feature, but one that not many other apps include.

8. Create an RSS

Any well established blog that has a number of subscribers or followers has an RSS feed that allows for its subscribers to get an email sent to them when a new post has been added to the blog. Creating an RSS is a great way of tracking your favourite blogs. If you have written your own blog, you can also create your very own RSS feed from your Android device.

9. Sync with other devices

One of the best things about Android blogging apps is that most of them let you access the same blog on a multitude of devices. For instance, you could first create a post on your desktop computer, edit the post on your tablet, and then attach a picture to it on your phone. This means wherever you are, you will be able to create and edit your posts.

10. Switching between accounts

If you are using Google’s very own Blogger app then you will be able to take full advantage of creating more than one blog by switching between any Google accounts you have. The app itself allows you to seamlessly switch between your accounts, as well as sync your blogs between different accounts.

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