10 results showing ridiculous Google Search AutoComplete

What we know, Google also knows. What we don’t know, Google still knows.

Google is there for you when you need to know how to cook biryani or where to get a bento box on the way home from the office; where your best guy is today or how much calorie you need to burn.
But the fact that Google knows everything can prove very awkward or annoying sometimes.
In the context of your search, Google is not smart enough to know what exactly you are looking for.
It assumes your search based on average Google users’ search. Now let the average Google users are ridiculous with their search choice. Now this is a real embarrassing moment for your search in terms of results shown by Google Autocomplete.

As per Google’s support page, autocomplete can be stated as: “As you type, autocomplete predicts and displays queries to choose from. The search queries that you see as part of autocomplete are a reflection of the search activity of all web users and the content of web pages indexed by Google.”

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