13 Things you should know about Tumblr

13 Things you should know about Tumblr

1. Tumblr launched in February 2007 has 306 employees working at its office with a whooping user base of 420 million.

2. Daily on an average 120,000 people signup over Tumblr. Alone in India, it has a user base of 1.9 million.

3. Till date the number of blogs posted over the platform is 217 million.

4. Daily number of Post count is over 113.6 million which made total number of Posts till date to over 99 billion.

5. People visiting Tumblr spend an average time of 28 minutes over the platform.

6. Global visitors count has spiked to 199.1 million.

7. Number of weekly page views on website is 1.17 billion contributing to monthly page views of more than    5.187 billion.

8. Mobile device has played a great role in driving traffic over the platform. It has 78% of  audiences    accessing Tumblr through a mobile device.

9. The mobile user base of Tumblr grew an  astonishing 251% in 2012-13 alone.

10. Tumblr users have also shown massive interest in shopping online with a count of 68%.

11. Revenue per visit from Tumblr referrals: $70

12. With over 150 advertisers, Tumblr serves as great advertising platform.

13. For global expansion, the platform has been launched in 13 different languages for people of different regions.

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