15 New Features of Android 6.0 | Google Android M New Features

15 New Features of Android 6.0: The upcoming Android version will be way better and a lot new features will be included. They are calling it Android M. So lest’s check out the features.

15 New Features of Android 6.0 | Google Android M New Features

01. Direct Share

As we all know that sharing apps and contents on the smartphones are too easy these days. But android M will bring you a bit push on it to Direct share. Direct share will help you to share your contents more easily. Say, you like to post photos on Facebook a lot, then direct share will put it up at the top for you, or you do share content with a specific contact then it will put them up in your share sheet for you instead of hunting them.

02. Improved Text Selection and Floating Toolbar

Text selection is the same as it was before the android M. They put a different style in this version. It has e a new floating toolbar with cut, copy and paste buttons and tow new options in overflowing menu, search or translate. And will be able to select a whole word or only letter, both options will be available to do. And in the keyboard, there will be an undo or redo button too.

03. Doze

This is a great feature. As you know that android M has a new option doze, which pushes the device in a deep sleep mode when not working or using it for a long time, this helps the device to last long with a limited consumption of the battery. It helps to reduce battery life, less than usual.

04. Application Standby

As you know, about Doze, this is kind of similar to that. Doze pushes the device in a deep sleep while not using for long, and apps stand by doing it for individual apps. When you don’t use an application for a long time, the OS detects them and automatically put them in the standby mode, which stops background data consumption and synchronization to prevent your charge loss. But it will be auto sync when you put the device to charge.

05. Improved Volume Control

The new volume controller in lollipop has disappointed the users in a some cases, and that’s why android M is bringing the previous volume controller in which holding down the volume down button and aging pressing it once let the user go to the silent mode. And the interruptions are separated in other settings.

06. Do Not Disturb Quick Setting

Do not disturb is another new setting of android muffin in which user will be able to use interruption features. Users will be able to select total silent mode, alarm mode or priority mode in the do not disturb settings which are situated in the notification bar.

07. Adoptable Storage Device

In this version, users can add an SD card into it. Previously they get to see the internal storage, but from now on they will be able sot format or encrypt the SD card and it will be seen as the internal memory.

08. Auto Backup for Apps

From now on the users will get a full data and apps backup from Google automatically. The goal will perform this backup and automatically be synced when devices are logged in with the used email ID.

09. Bluetooth Improvements

Now you can scan devices at low power. Bluetooth devices scan now performs scanning for other devices at low battery consumption. This will help users to save more battery life.

10. Hotspot 2.0 Release 1 Support

It’s giving a support system for hotspot 2.0. Devices like Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will automatically connect to the network of hotspot when you reach the area.

11. 4k Display Mode

The display has improved. Its density and resolutions will now allow you to feel the 4k resolutions. Android M is allowed to display up to 4k resolution images, videos, games and more.

12. 12. Improved Android for Work

For corporate owners or single device owners, the new android M brings new features to work easily. Such as, silent install and uninstall of apps, auto acceptance of system updates enterprise factory reset protection, etc are given for the users to have deeper access to their devices.

13. USB-On-The-Go Support

Now the user will be able to open USB connected to the device more easily. User will get a notification about new USB found and also be able to open it like a drive which was not in previous versions of android. And also get to look the storage limit in the setting options of the device.

14. Improved Calculating App

The calculator app is now new. Google added some new features to the calculator app. Few different functions and new buttons abut still there is no percentage button yet. They should have added that, but it’s not bad at all

15. Changes to UI

Android M is coming with a different spice and changes in the UI. The app drawer is changed, The lock screen is changed, the font style. App drawer will list app alphabetically in vertical scroll line. Lock screen has new fonts, google app is not more.

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