25 Best Free SEO tools for Bloggers to Success in 2014

When it comes to maintaining blog,having a website that looks good and is updated on a frequent basis is not enough. SEO is a very important part of ensuring maximum productive output from your blog, and while you can always choose to do the SEO by yourself, having a few efficient tools to fallback on is always preferable. Because when it comes to increasing your site rankings, nothing short of the best will do.

These SEO tools and services vary greatly in both size and type –from full-fledged tool sets to keyword recommendation engines to link checkers and advanced site crawlers – you name it, someone has put it up for you to use (and for free!)

Here are the best SEO tools that you can avail yourself of:

If you’re on the lookout for a service that is not only comprehensive and all-inclusive but also highly advanced, then look no further than Majestic SEO. This service specifically targets domain-centered metrics and link intelligence, with a few in-house tools such as a Keyword Checker, a Backlink History provider, Comparator, Site Explorer and Clique Hunter. While the Comparative tools require you to pay up, you can avail of this service for free if you want to tend to your own blog.

As evident from the name, this is a website crawling spider which helps you minutely analyze and take an inventory of your website for ultimate search engine optimization. This service examines your links, CSS, images,scripts and apps, and identifies problematic areas such as broken links, duplicate pages and redirect errors.

This widespread toolkit comprises of Site Analysis, Sitemaps, Robots Exclusion and Site Index modules. While the Robots Exclusion module displays content from robots and gives you options to determine “disallow” and “allow” paths, the Site Analysis module boasts of a crawler engine coupled with a Query Builder interface for generating custom reports. The Site Index and Sitemaps modules gives you options for viewing, editing and deleting site index and sitemap files.

This service provides you with a couple of on-site, as well as off-site tools that you can use freely from their website. The on-site tools consist of an LDA Content Optimizer, a Duplicate Content Tool and a Keyword Density Tool. The array of off-site tools include a PageRank Retrieval Tool, a Competitive Analysis Tool and a Link Atrophy Tool.

Every website gets the lion’sshare of their traffic from Google searches, which is why this tool can come in handy while editing posts. This keyword planner not only gives you a list of current trending keywords, but also lets you view keywords and their popularity over a one year window. 

This service comes in an online as well as a offline version, and comprises of tools such as link analysis and management and rank checking. It also features a list of premium on-site optimization tools,the best of which is the Site Auditor which scans your blogs for any broken links, or any other SEO-hampering errors.

This is a spreadsheet-based toolbox which works by analyzing data from Google Analytics, Twitter etc., and also provides you with on-page scraping and tools for analysis. Being an online spreadsheet, it comes with the benefit of allowing a complete team to sit and work on it together.

Touse the free SEO tools on their website, you need to register for a free account, which will give you access to tools such as the Keyword List Generator, Link Suggestion Checker, Server Header Checker and Meta Tag Generator.

This is a specially customized SEO plugin that works with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This plugin provides data such as the GooglePage Rank, Google Indexing, keyword density reports and details about current Yahoo! Backlinks statuses. You can also use it to generate complete page reports for any website.

This is an add-on for MS Excel which incorporates a few SEO-centric supplements, such as the ability to check backlinks, find repeated content, calculate link statistics and analyze Meta keywords.

These free online SEO tools hosted on their website include a Robots Text Generator Tool, a Search Combination Tool, a Page Speed Tool and a Meta Tag Generator Tool.

These free SEO tools provided by SEO gadget include a Content Policy Generator, a Link Classification Tool developed especially for Excel,and a special SEO gadget tool for Excel which provides the ability to infer data and records from services like Majestic SEO.

This is an SEO extension for Google Chrome which displays data (on-page) collected from a variety of websites. It also provides an aggregate of all the data put together from Alexa traffic details, Google PageRank and Quancast rank. Other tools that help improve your blog’s SEO include Meta tag presentations and social media reactions.

This toolbar works with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome,and gives you in-browser real-time access to SEO metrics as you surf the Web. Other helpful features include a detailed SERP (search engine results page)overlay with highlighted keywords and links.

This is a simple, yet efficient web app which lets you view websites completely from the perspective of a search engine. You can view the SEO angle of your blog swiftly without needing to get into the specifics of codes. The best thing about this app is that it supports both iOS and Android, making it a perfectly portable SEO app.

Being a keyword suggestion tool, the basic function of Ubersuggest is to suggest popular keywords/keyword phrases, keeping Google’s personal suggestion engine as the primary basis for recommendations. All you need to do is a type in a keyword, and sit back as the tool provides an exhaustive list of keywords established on your original input.

This is a web service that is designed to scan your blog for the presence of over-optimized anchor text, which could result in a fallout with Google’s robust search algorithms.

Use this tool to check for any broken links that might be active on your website. This app also partially checks Gopher, FTP and e-mail links, along with rec-checking of links and SSL websites. Everything this app finds will be neatly generated in report form, along with a sitemap.

This is a tool which investigates backlinks, not only on your blog, buton rival blogs as well. It also provides page authority and domain rankings. 200 backlinks per generated report is the limit when usingthe free version, with meticulous details displayed for only the first 5 backlinks.

For optimizing your blog’s Meta description tags and pages’ title, look no further than this tool which produces a standard preview of the Google search engine results page (SERP).Using this tool,determine whether your Meta tags and descriptions remain within the preferred optimal length.

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