5 SEO Tips to Make Videos Rank High in YouTube

After Google, the biggest search engine of the planet is YouTube, generating an estimated 92 billion views every month, providing huge traffic to various blogs and websites. Every minute, videos of 35 hours are uploaded there. The video content can be monetized as well only if there are enough views. However, simply uploading the videos are not enough unless you have a big name or are associated with a huge brand. Normally the videos that are uploaded contain tips, tutorials, entertaining ideas and such niche videos, and they must have good content of great quality to garner good views. SEO companies have many options that can help you out in this.

While hiring professionals is an option, following some tips can lead you to get some organic traffic by doing smart SEO that will yield in better search results. However, before implementing them you should understand that there is a separate algorithm followed by YouTube for video rankings and you have to create compelling videos that can make the viewer want to watch the entire video.

Keywords in the video title

Your video name is also the title and lets people know what they will find inside. Your title should match your video content perfectly so that it is viewer-friendly. It will also be good for YouTube algorithm. The auto complete feature of search engines or even of YouTube can also be taken advantage of while naming.

Video description

Video content should have descriptions written. A brief description of 2-3 lines is important, and it helps in getting good ranking. The video’s theme should be covered in it. Keyword phrases should be used in the first couple of lines; it will get you a good ranking. So the description should be written wisely to match search keyword.

Before uploading, name the video file

Your video has been created and edited, all ready for upload. However, before uploading check the name of video file. Rename the video with the keyword; the focus will allow the search engines to know what your video contains. Since the video content itself cannot be looked at by search engines, the file name influences the search algorithm and lets it know about the video content.

Using CC or closed caption feature in YouTube video

Using closed captions allow your viewers to see the text over video, helping them understand the narration of the video. It can be translated to various languages. The video transcript uploaded includes text of whatever has been said in the video. In fact, the new algorithm of YouTube can convert the voice into transcript automatically, making it easier for activation. Closed caption can also be written in case there are no voices in the video. The video gets a brand new way to be indexed in search engines by virtue of closed caption due to the keywords used there. The transcript should be written in the video description as that will make the video keyword-rich and thus search engine friendly.

Keyword research and tagging in videos

YouTube’s search ranking can be achieved through tags. So while putting the tags, specifics must be listed first. The primary keywords should be written first. The general tags also should be listed by writing matching and general keywords. Include misspellings of tags, as well. You can check the way people search for you by checking the traffic resources in YouTube analytics. Plural and singular of the tags should be included, and keywords can be detached into separate tags. Keyword research is very important for SEO. All possible keywords cannot be thought out for inclusion in the video. You can use tools like Google Display Planner and get relevant keyword ideas. Such tools give you many keywords and provide a deep insight.

There are only so many things that SEO’s can do for you. However, in the end you are the main person who has to create interesting and compelling videos for YouTube. Keep your focus on target audience and the script should be prepared according to that. Your blog posts should be embedded with videos so that people can visit from there

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