IIT-B Certifies That Aakash II Is Fit For Use

The second edition of the low cost product tablet Aakash is prepared for release. Pressing out the previously problems that triggered a lot of rift between the producers & the tester, Aakash II will hopefully be provided to studnet across the country within this year.

IIT Rajasthan had out appropriately denied the previously edition for inadequate quality & hopeless response times. However, the new Aakash tablet, simply known as Aakash II comes outfitted with apparently better components. Packed with Cortex A8-700 MHz processor & 256 MB RAM, the tablet also features a larger battery than its earlier predecessor.

With on-board storage of 2GB which can be expanded to 32GB via a Micro SD card, the tablet will hopefully feature all the specifications which are must if one wants to encourage progressive learning. A multi-touch capacitive screen the tablet features, will surely appeal to the fortunate students who receive it.

While many tablets have attempted to break into the education sphere, none can match the price-point that the Government of India (GoI) has set. Though the manufacturers’ prices is approx US$ 60-100, the Government will subsidize the same to bring the prices down to mere US$ 35 (Rs. 1750)! Astonishingly, GoI has staunchly fixed the prices as the earlier Aakash tablet. The recent cash infusion may be the reason behind the same. The software which the IIT has managed to cram in includes platforms which enable students to program in the popular computer languages, Python, C, C++ and Scilab.

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  1. The latest version of the world’s cheapest tablet device has been unveiled in India. Aakash 2, which will sell for 2,263 Indian Rupees ($40), has improved specifications.

    The Indian government hopes it will help improve education and internet access across the country. However, the initial run of the Aakash project was beset by distribution problems.

    The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan had a first look at the new tablet, with Professor Deepak Phatak of Mumbai’s Indian Institute of Technology.

  2. What I find really odd here is why a Cabinet minister must take time out to publicize the upgraded version of a now well known commercial product.Why doesn’t the Datawind advertise the product on its own please? Is Sibal getting a commission on its sales? Doesn’t he know that he has a thousand other obligations to fulfill to justify himself as HRD minister?

    1. Why be a pessimist? It is a great product for middle class as it is economical. And due to its low price, yet decent features it is very good for students. E-governance services can be accessed so monitoring & making complaints (corruption,fir,etc) will be easier for middle & lower classes. Education ministry & IITs are major contributors for this venture. So, it is natural for sibal to talk about it.

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