How To Add Comment Counter In Blogger Comments?

I think you have already understood by seeing above picture that comment counter works in a great way. They’re also stylish and it makes your blog look like professional. This cool numbered comments is available for blogger templates. So let’s move on to the tutorial.

How To Add Numbered Comments In Blogger Blog?

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard -> Template -> Edit HTML
  2. Search for


  3. Paste the following code above it
  4. Paste the following code above it
    .comments ol{list-style:none;counter-reset:trackit} .comments li.comment{list-style:none;position:relative;counter-increment:trackit} .comments .comment-block:before{content:counters(trackit,".");position:relative;float:left;z-index:10000;left:-4.3em;top:-.2em;background:#A9C5CC;border-radius:50%;-webkit-border-radius:50%;-moz-border-radius:50%;font-size:22px;color:#F7FCFF;text-align:center;padding:8px 16px 8px 14px} .comments .comment-replies .comment-block:before{content:counters(trackit,".");position:relative;float:left;z-index:10000;left:-4.7em;top:.5em;background:#A9C5CC;border-radius:50%;-webkit-border-radius:50%;-moz-border-radius:50%;font-size:18px;color:#F7FCFF;text-align:left;padding:6px 1px}


  5. Save Template
    Successfully Installed!

Final Words

So how do you like this blogger trick. If you’re facing any kind of problem regarding this widget it’s warmly welcomed below. Keep Blogging and Happy Blogging! Peace, Blessing and Happiness 🙂

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