How to Add Google Adsense Ad to WordPress Sites?

Google Adsense is one of the most effective ways to make money online. In this article, we just come out the detailed guidelines to help webmasters add Google Adsense ads to their websites to make money.

In order to increase revenue, bloggers are expecting to position ads on different places of the websites, especially the attractive places that have high click-through rate (CTR). As the better design gets better CTR, we suggest adding Google Adsense ads on the right places. In general, the recommend places are:

  • Top Banner of your website(468 x60 px)
  • Sidebar (Varies from 125×125 px up to 300×250 px)
  • Content (468×60 or 300×250)

No matter where you want to place the ad on, you need make it to consistent with the website design as well as not to be intrusive with readers. In this article, we show careful steps to add Google Adsense ads to WordPress website header, menu bar, and sidebar.

Google Adsense Ad to WordPress

Create Your Ads

In the following, let’s begin to create your ads.

  1. First of all, you need to log in the existing Google Adsense Account, or register a new one directly on the website.
  2. Then, click “My Ads” menu to create your own advert for the website. Before choosing a specific ad type, make sure where you will put the ads.
  3. Feel free to play around with the remainder settings, and click “Save and get code” to complete.
  4. Add Google Adsense Ads on Website Header

      • Log into WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance-> Editor and find header.php file.
      • Open and edit hearder.php file, and paste the Adsense code into the file, like the following:

    add Adsense code to header

    • You’d better use the center tags like <center>Google Adsense Code</center> to make the ads center if your website is centered.

    Add Google Adsense Ads Under Navigation Menu

    Many people also like to add Google Adsense ads under the navigation menu as it’s quite easy to mislead customers to click on ads and make huge money. If you want to use Link Unit, then I recommend you making it look like navigation bar. You can easily make this by customize the background and text link color based on your navigation menu. Just like the following:

    Link Unit Adsense

    As for the Leaderboard, we suggest you use rich media ads because they are better eye-catching.

    You can easily add ads by log into WordPress dashboard go to Appearance-> Editor and find header.php file. Then paste the Adsense code into the bottom of the file. The process is quite similar with adding Adsense ads to website header.

    Add Google Adsense Ads to the Sidebar

    As well, some people also place ads on the sidebar. It is also easy to manage. You can simply paste the ad code into the widget.

    In the WordPress admin panel, go to Appearance -> Widgets.

    wordpress widget

    Click and drag a “Text widget” into the sidebar.

    drag text widget

    Paste the Adsense code into the widget and click save to complete the process.

    paste adsense code into widget



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