App to backup data of your android mobile phone

Restoring data of your android device has become quite easy now. A Kolkata based enterprise, DataResolve has launched inDefend mobile backup app. This appand browser history from your android device. Retreiving back your data is also user friendly with its “Desktop Agent”. It lets you access all your backup states and export your backup data to your computer.

Specification of inDefend app:

Security: The app creates a completely encrypted backup where users can store 10 backup states per device. The stored backup states are mapped to the respective device anytime anywhere.

Storage: The backup data is stored on an online secure server. These are cloud server wchich is easy to access yet secured.

Additional features: It has got automatic scheduled backup which let users to take backup at any scheduled time. E-mail notification let users keep a track of information backed up from their android device.

The user interface of the app include tabs of Contacts, SMS, Calendar, History, Bookmarks, Settings and Call Logs. When a device is backed up, all the data are mapped to their corresponding section(data types). For the security purpose, the data is encrypted by user’s password and stored on google’s app engine.

“We are not even allowing web access of the backed up data. However, unlike other apps we have released a secure free windows desktop app which can provide granular data access through an authentication. This help those users who have just lost their phone and want to access some contact or info immediately”, told founder Vikram Kumar.

For the data retrieval, inDefend’s Desktop Agent lets user access all backup stored on cloud server.

Specification of Desktop Agent: Desktop agent retrieves all the data stored on cloud server during backup. It also searches through the entire backup instantly for a specific keyword. It can export all your backup data in the form the form of an excel spreadsheet. Contact names are also exported in the form of vCard Format.

desktop home screen


DataResolve plans to launch PRO features which will mix data backup and mobile security. Try the app and do leave a comment. It’s worth a review.

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