Apple TV launches in India for Rs. 7,900

Almost a year after the device launched in the U.S., Apple has brought its newest Apple TV to India, and the company is currently looking to develop partnerships to stream content directly to TVs through the device.

ThinkDigit carried the news on Tuesday that the new Apple TV had appeared in Apple’s Indian online store. An Apple India representative speaking with that publication stated that Apple is currently looking to partner with Indian content providers in order to bring content streaming services to its diminutive set-top box, bringing Indian customers access to services similar to Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Apple’s streaming box retails for Rs. 7,900, or roughly $146. It competes with numerous other HD media players available on the Indian market, including Asus’ O! Play Mini, Amkette’s Flash TV HD, and the WD Live HD. ThinkDigit notes, though, that the media player segment has yet to achieve critical mass in the Indian market, so Apple may be able to have a big impact.

Apple has, over the last three months, seen sales shoot up 400 percent in India following an extensive advertising and marketing campaign. That aggressive approach to the Indian market came after years of Apple largely ignoring India, where smartphone penetration is thought to be less than 10 percent.

Apple launched its iTunes Music Store in the world’s second most populous country this past December. The iTunes Store launched with local artists, such as AR Rahman, as well as U.S acts.

Apple's Indian online store

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