Is Apple’s new iPhone iOS 7 good for travelers?

It’s a big day in the tech world as an Apple event is taking place later today where we expect to see the iPhone 5S and 5C introduced as well as information on a public release date for iOS 7. The next major mobile operating system is a huge point of interest and when iOS 7 launches we expect it to prompt fresh version distribution.

Apple has called it the biggest change to the iPhone since the very first one launched in 2007, but does the latest software, iOS 7, make the iPhone a more compelling buy for travelers than its Android- and Windows-powered competitors?

While iOS 7 sports a significant redesign alongside improved battery life and multitasking ability, it’s the assortment of new photo functions that iPhone-toting tourists will find most useful in the iOS 7 update.

The big deal is a faster, easier way to scroll through that endless stream of photos you’ve amassed over the years and trips.

The cool part of the Years organization is a collage of thumbnails of every picture from a given year that appears on the user screen. This can look a little overwhelming — the more photos, the more intricate the collage — but it’s actually a handy way to find images quickly.

iOS 7

A redesigned photo Share panel adds a number of functions that users should welcome.

The most useful is a new Shared Photo Stream that not only allows the user to share photos with others, but allows others to add photos to someone else’s photo stream.
Just back from a family vacation in Greece?

In the past you might have streamed all of your vacation photos to family members — with the iOS7, those same family members can now add their photos to the same stream.

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