How to avoid the duplicate content

Article marketing has become one of the most popular marketing channels for web marketers. It is in fact, one of the most effective ways to get more people to visit your website. Article marketing is nowadays used a long side social medias like Twitter and Facebook to ‘scream’ about certain products, goods or services.

Despite all the praise heaped on article marketing, duplicate content is one of the fast rising challenges facing article marketers. The posting of exactly same article to multiple sites has resulted in the duplicate content penalty, which is raking havoc to web marketers. Whereas the penalty is not live parse, if it’s duplicate, search engines such as Google and many more tend to ignore it in the search results, meaning that you’re less likely to see any benefits from writing and distributing them.

Here are some tips to overcome this penalty:

Use PlagSpotter for duplicate content checking
Plagspotter helps article marketers detect any duplicate content in their content for marketing. With the help of the tool web marketers are able to own their content and secure their original ideas and this helps to reduce the risk and generate more traffic and better rankings for their sites.

Most readers just before starting to read an article the first thing the eye catches is its title. The title gives a brief overview on what the article is about. A unique and interesting title sets the reader in a certain mood and gives reader more need to read. This brings in the importance of the article title both from a reader point of view as well as a duplicate penalty point of view.

Article Summary
It is useful to have numerous and very different versions of the summary. Having different versions will help you avoid duplicate content penalty. The summary element in an article that which is examined very closely by the search engines for existing duplicates.

Article Body
The body element in an article contains much information in every article written. Therefore the body is the part that most readers will get interested in to get to know the whole story. What is important is the structuring of your body. You can structure the text into blocks that can be also be rearranged.

Besides structuring of the body the writer should replace words and phrases with meaningful, but different equivalents. This way the article will maintains the same tone and meaning but has a large proportion of different words.

Article resource box
This is an element that article authors get the opportunity to link to the most appropriate pages in their web site. By rearranging the order of links and anchor text can produce excellent results and thus helps avoid the duplicate content penalty.

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