Best 7 Websites to Create Free Blog

I know you are reading this article because you are fascinated by blogging and want to become a blogger. You must have heard successful stories of many bloggers and their huge earnings per month from your friends and other bloggers and want to start your own blog. If you are thinking to start your first blog and don’t have enough money and experience then this article is definitely for you. I have collected some of the free blogging website, where you can start your blog absolutely at no cost.

There are many websites which provide free blog creation facility and whichever may be your reason you can start blogging right away. Though there are some restrictions on these websites but they are very good to enter the blogging world.

1. This is a very well know platform for starting your first blog/website for free. is used by many bloggers worldwide for personal and business use both. Signup process is very simple, you just have to choose your domain name and provide your email address and choose a password that’s it.

The main problem in choosing a free blog at is that, you will get their extension in your domain name like To solve this you can buy premium domain extension like .COM, .NET, .IN, .UK, .ORG etc. for per month cost which is a little high.

Free version of also not allows you to add extra plugins and also you cannot edit theme code to add some extra codes. Though you have the option to add widgets.

2. This platform is by Google and is one of the most used blogging platform around the world. Many new bloggers are using blogspot to start their first blog as this is reliable and fast.

Like, here also you will get a blogger extension for free domain which is blogspot and your domain can look like

The main benefit of using is that you can buy your own domain from another service provider and can setup that custom domain name in, so it very cheap to start your own professional looking blog.

The signup process is very simple, you just have to sign-on using your Google account with the same password and then choose your blog/website name. You can also easily monetize this platform.

3. This is also a good platform to give words to your voice. Sign up process is simple and easy. The main feature of this blog is that you can easily follow other bloggers and can get their post updates. This is just a general purpose blog platform and if you are thinking to monetize your blog then ignore it. You can use above blogging platform.

4. This is another option to start your free blog and enter to blogosphere. If you are not getting your desired free domain anywhere else you can start blogging here. This is also a good place to get good article as per your interest and you can choose your favorite blog as per category.

You can also earn through this blogging platform with their revenue sharing model. If you have good traffic to your blog, you can enable monetisation option and can get royalty every month. has a good blogger base and you should really try them.

5. This is just a blogging platform where you can share your views and write articles which interest you. LiveJournal is very old blogging platform and a trusted one. You can opt for a free account and can start writing your journal.

Setting new account is very simple like other blogging platforms and you can create a new account in just 2 steps. This is one of the very professional blogging platform.

6. This is another free blogging platform to create your website or blog which gives you many features same as a blogger and WordPress. Sign up process of is also very easy and in few steps you will have your own blog URL.

You will get a domain name as which is easy to remember and tell your friends. also include some premium feature like monetisation, adding your own domain name, premium themes etc. but you have to pay some money for that. That is why I think few bloggers are using their platform now days.

7. Weebly: Last but not the least, Weebly is also a well know platform to create free websites and blogs. You can create any type of website using this website and it has many awesome features too. Blog creation is very easy with their drag and drop feature and their variety of themes gives your blog a new professional look.

If you have got tired of other blogging platform, give a chance to this blogging platform. The registration process is very simple and many blogs and websites are born through Weebly daily.

Hope you like our article on a free platform for creating blogs and websites and would surely share with your friends. There are many other platforms to create free personal and business blogs but I don’t think you need more. If you have any problem or need suggestion don’t hesitate to contact us using our Facebook page, Google+ or email. You can also subscribe to The Next SEO by Email to get free blogging tips on your inbox.

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