Best Paid Web Directories Which Build Trust with Google

Does your website has low visitors and would like to increase the volume of visitors. Then, in this case, you need to take steps towards best paid web directories which would be able to provide quality backlinks for your website. So, I have the prepared the

Best Paid directories out there which can help you significantly.

It has been seen that the directory came into being around April 2013 but the website has been in existence as far as 1996. You have the option for reviews of paying one time submission fee of $240 or pay $100 for every year. The website could have ranked higher if its price could have slashed down. The website is, however respected by Google and their listing is constant in Google search results. They accept all major credit cards.

The website came into being in 2009, in this website, two submission option are being seen. While the standard review for inclusion into the directory charges $19, on the other hand, express review costs $39 and that both are a one-time fee. In the express listing, it can go up to 5 deep links and will appear over the normal listings. However, the Search Engine Optimization does help very much in this directory list.

This is more than a typical web directory where you would be reading interesting, best quotes along with amazing videos and photos. The web directory covers 6 categories which include, health, internet marketing, business, internet, entertainment, shopping and other kind of topics. This is very helpful as these kind of quality information give something extra to their visitors. The web directory would able to perform deep links search that is helpful for its visitors.

This site first appeared in the Internet Archive in August 2014 and that the site emblems are issued to those websites who have met their guidelines. This web directory accepts only family friendly listing. The fee for the Basic usage is $19.94 per year or you can pay $49.99 for a lifetime fee. You also have the option for Premium Sponsor listing for $59.94 per year. The payment however, does guarantee full acceptance, but $10 will be refunded if they are not accepted.

This web directory may be expensive, but Yahoo has more than 100,000 .gov and .edu backlinks which can be very much profitable for your website. Also, it should be noted that the site has been as a web directory since 1996 and moved to its current address in 2002. You can be pretty sure that you will get high traffic and their internal listing pages have high PR. Non-commercial sites are being added for free.

This website mission has been helping the people to grow their businesses. The website has more than 30 million users which range from very small to large companies. Every year, they turn to these companies for purchasing their services and products which have helped to run their business rapidly. The company has reported about $1.5 billion increase in annual revenue with their 10,000 advertisers.

This web directory is like an internet search engine as well as a directory which receives and indexes more than thirty thousand sites every day. Till date, the website has indexed more than 500 million webpages which is pretty huge. The website has 4 types of site listing, Local Search Listing, Rapid Paid Inclusion listings, Paid Featured listing and lastly the free Standard listings. However, the local search is being restricted to US residents only.

One of the main feature on this website is that all the entries are being listed by human being only. The website is quite old and now running in its 8th year. The website has a low page rank which is able to attract a lot people. The interface is smooth in nature, but navigating through the categories can be sometimes exhaustive in nature.

The company came into being around mid-2002 and has been listed on The website has a cute hamster logo. However, it is seen that their category structure seems to be complicated in nature and can be skipped if don’t want to use it. The sites are being listed within 72 hours for a cost of $49. And, if the website is not approved, $20 would be refunded.

The website seemed to be very much confusing, especially with their TOS which has many odd rules. One thing which seemed odd would be to ask owner private email address which can be displayed on their site. You would have to pick up the right category in order to submit. No confirmation is being shown whether the site has been selected or not.


With such a list, I am pretty much you got the idea about some of the best paid web directory which would be very much fruitful for you. If you have any type of query, just ask in the comment section below.

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