Blog Resolution 2014: How to earn money this year

With the change in the calender, blogging pattern is also getting a makeshift. Especially if you are giving a lot it and getting very few. For bloggers, last year was a mix of moods. With advent of Penguin Update and Page layout algo update, it has became a tedious task for bloggers to get their bit.

Google’s new Page layout algo is based on User Interface. It will lower down the ranking of site which doesn’t give good user experience in the term of ad placement.

Matt Cutts added in an official Blog post today:

This algorithmic change noticeably affects less than 1% of searches globally. That means that in less than one in 100 searches, a typical user might notice a reordering of results on the search page. If you believe that your website has been affected by the page layout algorithm change, consider how your web pages use the area above-the-fold and whether the content on the page is obscured or otherwise hard for users to discern quickly.

If you have been suffering from these Blog syndromes, Its time to get your blog a makeover.

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I will suggest you to avoid (If Using then get rid of these) Ad networks which do not perform well on your blog. If you have tested these on your blog then its very easy to judge. Else you should take help from other bloggers. Its good to have one high paying ad network rather than a bunch of low paying ones. There are different ad networks for different niche. Just like Infolinks is a very good network for a Tech blog, but for a Webmaster blog like The Next SEO, it is rather more harmful as it takes away visitors.

You Should be using A/B testing for a well planned blog. For getting get rid of ad blindness issue Use Ad rotation plugin.

Latest Ways To Earn Money Via Blogging

If you are using the traditional method of advertising without making a much, better be smarter in your choice. Every successful blogger will suggest you to move to affiliate advertising and Direct advertising. Adding value to your advertiser is a logical option. I will repeat my words ” Its good to have one high paying ad network rather than a bunch of low paying ones “.

Some of the very reliable and tested methods of monetizing your blog to earn a bounty are Blog Contests, affiliate advertisement, referral income, paid reviews, direct advertisement, services offering etc.

  • Make money from Blog Contest using :


Hosting some blog contest is a unique and profitable idea. It does not need any special effort as you can easily get your idea hosted via services like You can Add Your Blog For Free. With this earning method, you will keep everyone happy: You, your readers and advertisers. You can easily get offers here. Once you are done with your ideas on the blog, all you need to do is wait for offers to come on.

  • Direct Advertisement :

Being one the most trusted advertisement program, Direct Ads are the most valuable and profitable method of income. Adsense is having a great respect among bloggers, but its limitation is that it does not pay 100% for your ads. It acts as a mediator. So If you manage to get some direct ads, that should be your ultimate option for ad position. You can try buysellads for direct advertisements ( source: ShoutMeLoud).

  • Affiliate Advertisement :

Affiliate Programs are forms of direct advertisement for selling someone’s goods or service. Every major service providers offer their affiliate ads. You should try out these ads as they are highly profitable. Even a single sale can give you 10-100$ .

Different Niche are beneficial for different types of affiliate programs. For example, if you are having tech blog, tech affiliates are beneficial for your blog.
  • Referral Income :

Depending on the blog niche, you can use several referral programs. Many organizations like infolinks, Chitika offer referral program. You can Choose suitable  referral program and refer your readers to that program. This will quickly add value to your pocket. This is most suitable for free flowing traffic.

  • Services :

If you are running your own set of services on your blog, it will engage users on your blog. You can get the value for these services plus your blog will have a high reputation point. Offer whatever you can to your users in addition to content like blog host, SEO, reviews, promotion, logo creation, content writing etc.

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