Changing With Google Algorithms and Results

Google algorithms and search indexing systems have dramatically changed in the recent times. It goes without saying that changes right from Google Panda to Caffeine have largely impacted the way Internet marketing or search optimization works.  Internet marketing and its facets are gradually becoming more challenging than ever. Latest in the league is the algorithmic change that refers to the secret formula of deeming one website more relevant than the other.

According to the latest updates that Google seems inclined to, it is now less about SEO and more about the relevancy and freshness. Google algorithms and their impacts are hugely reliant on delivery of the most “fresh”content. For instance, if visitors are willing to see the score for a game, it is obvious that visitors intend to get the latest score. In such cases, it is pointless showing score from almost a year ago, unless the visitors actually specify so.

What’s Google Banking Upon?

Google is banking upon the latest and the most fresh; internet marketers need to be careful. Older pages for specific query or keyword should still rank. However, the more useful/fresh the information, the better its treatment from the perspective of Google’s new algorithm. The new algorithm allows a different level for predictability of intent in search results. It also boosts the site’s ability to compete with others operating in the business.

It is important to realize the strategies that can work well with the changing Google algorithm. Businesses can utilize such opportunities and take advantage by helping their websites perform well in the search engine.

Here are three things that can help you ensure that your website continues to remain in pace with Google’s changing algorithms.

Adding news regularly will help your website get the attention it deserves. Share new and useful information relating with your product or service. It will ensure that your website is never left in the dust.

Your brand has to remain active on the social platforms since a strong social presence values high in your site’s overall performance on the search engine.

Alongside, managing your reputation online is also as important as performing other ongoing activities online. Your customers are busy rating you but are you too busy to monitor or respond? A good management system can decide!

Share and re-tweet information to remain as fresh as you can get. Social links don’t stick around for a longer span of time in search engines but their consistent delivery makes all the difference.

Google’s Sitelinks Update

Businesses should focus on managing their sitelinks by also taking the ranking factors of Google into consideration. Sitelinks do help the brands dominate search results and Google encourages sitelink designing. Sitelinks help the users navigate to the most relevant page as desired by them.

A tangible increase is also expected of the organic visits and sales generated from the keywords that contain valuable brand permutations. It is important for the website architects to adapt to this change as soon as possible.

Google Algorithms Prefers Author Rank

Set up the Google Authorship first. Track all the quality content created by you on or for the web. Make sure that you have a catchy, clear and rich snippet markup. Make sure that the content you have created is factored into your AuthorRank. Your online identity and online creativity needs to go hand in hand with each other. Preparing a useful and impacting AuthorRank is going to offer businesses a good boost up in Google.

Bottom line of the argument is that stagnant sites are likely to lose “points” with search engines like Google. It indicates websites inability to match with the search engine in terms of both relevancy and novelty. True value of search is when users type in a query and receive the information that actually meets their requirements.

Google is simply trying to improve the search results hence businesses must have a clear plan in place. Update your website regularly and continue providing “fresh” value to your visitors. In a nutshell, provide Google and your users few authentic reasons to rate you above your competitors.

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