How to Control your Android Mobile from PC or Laptop

If you want to control your mobile from pc so its possible. This will help you to manage your mobile when it is not available with you  and best thing is you can share and Transfer files from PC to mobile wireless.

To Control  Mobile from PC there are many apps available, but not all apps are best here we listed best app to make your work easier. we will learn about AirDroid which lets you use and manage your Android device over the air, using only a Web browser.

What is AirDroid?

AirDroid lets you wirelessly manage and control your mobile device with a browser installed on a desktop PC/laptop. Through an Android like user interface, You can access all of the files on your phone which include your text messages, videos, images and plenty more. This means, you can read and reply to SMS messages, view photos and videos on your device, listen to music stored on your device and many more, even when you are not physically carrying your mobile device with you. Isn’t it amazing?

Additionally, AirDroid also offers a “Find my Phone” feature which gives you an ability to search your phone on the map and remotely wipe the sensitive data while the phone is lost. The latest version also throws in some premium features like remote camera and remote dial which are paid and not available with the free subscription.

Airdroid for Android:

Installing AirDroid on your mobile phone

This is best Android app to transfer files from PC to Mobile for free.If you are ever tried sharing apps and file using Bluetooth and USB cable.

Advantages and Features:

  • Send and Receive SMS from PC.You can also directly talk from PC.
  • Transfer files,apps,photos,videos from PC to mobile wireless
  • Install/Uninstall apps easily and flexibility to take complete back up of your device.
  • Trace your device when you lost it and much more..!!

Step by Step Process to use Airdroid:

  • Download Airdroid on your device.
  • Now Install and Open app then Click on Start icon.
  • Now note down the web address after clicking start icon.
  • Now from PC browser go to or in Enter the Web address you copied in previous step.
  • If you are going for then you need to verify your device by scanning QR code or by entering password.
  • Now you have successfully connected your android device to PC.You can start upload files by clicking files logo on desktop,you can chat from your PC and can have full access to your android phone or Tablet.

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