How To Create Google Custom Search Engine?

Google is the most powerful search engine among all on internet, when it comes to crawl any site no one can beat Google in this. Blogger Templates have custom search boxes provided by blogger as default. But, it has limited power to search and give result from your blog. The best solution for this is to use google custom search for blog. This dig out the blog more efficiently and brings most valuable data in front of visitors. This also increases the number of pageviews because visitors get engaged in reading more and more. I am already using it on my blog, you should also add this to make your blog attractive.

First, Create Google Custom Search

  • Go to Google CSE.
  • Click on ‘create search engine’.
  • Fill the form as below.
4. You will be redirected to the page where you can get the code for search engine. But, it’s default design is not so good, you have to custom it.5. Click on Edit Search Engine and then on look and feel.6. Choose the layout which you want, I will highly recommended you to choose ‘overlay’. This layout enable search results to appear over the page. After choosing the layout click ‘Save’ button.

Google Custom Search Customization

7. Now click on customize tab, here you will find to change your search box appearance. Make it as you want and click ‘Save & Get Code’ button. You will be on this page.

Google Custom Search Customization

8. Copy the code.

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