Cure Dengue Fever Symptoms Treatment

Symptoms :Sudden sharp fever without cough or cold, acute pain in the body. The dengue fever is generally  accompanied  by  pain  in  the  bones, therefore,  this fever  is also known as the bone breaking fever. Severe pain in forehead, pain in inner-side of the eyes, muscles and joint pain. loss of appetite and taste, appearance of small raised spots on the chest, nausea and vomiting etc.

Hemorrhage also takes  place in the dengue fever. The patient gets irritated  in the light. Vomiting and feeling of restlessness is possible. Sometimes, there are repeated  attacks of this fever which generally happens after rains. These all the general symptoms of dengue fever. Mostly it spreads like an epidemic taking a heavy toll of life.

Symptoms of Hemorrhage :Continuous acute stomachache, cold, yellowish and sticky skin, red raised spot on the face, hands and feet. Hemorrhagic dengu cold cause internal bleeding.

A Patient bleeds through mouth, nose and anus, which could make him unconscious  Repeated with or without blood, restless sleep, continuous crying, dryness of the mouth and feeling of thirst—these all are the symptoms of dengue fever. The hemorrhagic dengue is much dangerous. Most of the deaths are caused by it. It generally resembles  the  correct diagnosis.

How it spreads : It is transmitted by the viral infected female mosquitoes.

Where these mosquitoes grow :  These mosquitoes thrive on the stagnant water in coolers, drums, jars, buckets, tanks, water reservoirs,  bottles, etc, where stagnant water is found. It Is, therefore, necessary that the water collected around the houses after rains should not let the water out, insecticides or burnt  mobil  oil should   be sprinkled in the water. Kerosene oil or  mobil oil creates a thin layer on the surface of the water which kills larvae. The other anti—mosquito nets, anti- mosquito creams, repellants and burning of agarbattis, etc . in the villages, the mosquitoes grow in the pens wet, dark and humid place. In addition, full sleeve shirts and full length trousers should be used so that minimum bare part of the body is exposed.

Treatment :Normal dengue fever is not that dangerous. The symptom –based treatment should be resorted to i.e., wet  pads could be used if the temperature is high. Antidotes could be administered as per the hemorrhagic dengue. Pain –killers tend to increase hemorrhage. Maintaining the water balance of the body and controlling the blood pressure of the patient is also necessary. The treatment given for the patients of the patient is also necessary. The treatment given for the patients of normal fever and malaria is applicable for the dengue fever also.

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