Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

Custom Alerts in Google Analytics: Custom alerts are configurable Intelligence Events. They are great for ensuring that you don’t miss important and unusual fluctuations in your data – just like automatic alerts.

Unfortunately, custom alerts belong to individual users. They are not shareable assets. You can find them under the Intelligence Events section of the left side menu.


Within any of the Intelligence Event reports, you can create and edit your custom alerts. You can set the criteria for when they are triggered and specify that they be sent to yours and other email addresses or as text messages. See the documentation for setting up your own custom alerts.



You can add a list of email recipients by clicking Manage Custom Alerts and selecting the alerts to which you would like to add email recipients. (You can also see all your custom alerts by going to the Admin tab and selecting the view.

google analytics custom alerts admin tab


It is important to note that the Intelligence alerts and Custom alerts are only delivered at the end of the period for which they apply. They are not delivered immediately after the thresholds specified within the alerts are passed. So while it’s good to have an automated method for watching your data, you shouldn’t depend on it for time sensitive issues.

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