Customizing FeedBurner For Blogger

Customizing FeedBurner For Blogger

If you have good & quality content and have good traffic, then you must have blog readers who often read your blog’s every post. As we know FeedBurner is the best web feed management provider / feed service provider which is vastly employed by almost 90% of Blogs all around.

Well, to get them best possible user experience, If you are using FeedBurner then you can do little optimization and customization in making your feeds attractive and easy to navigate to bring best user experience for blog readers. This will help you to keep your blog’s feed optimized for better traffic from feedburner feeds and to let your blog feeds strikes straight into subscribers inbox !

New To Feedburner?

If you haven’t burned your blog’s feed yet, you’ll need to submit your blogs feed right now. just go to Google FeedBurner, sign in, put your blog url in the box and tick “I am a podcaster!” then hit next.
then select feed type, you can go for Atom or RSS, better go with RSS, tick RSS, Hit Next.
Choose Feed title and Feed Address and that’s it, hit next then click on”skip directly to feed management” and you are finish !

Customizing FeedBurner Feed

After burning your blog feed, you will see your FeedBurner Dashboard (or simple Google FeedBurner Dashboard). Now we will start as per the selected tabs.

Optimize :

At left sidebar. you will see Services :
Now do as per I’ve done.
Smart Feed : Click on Smart Feed, hit Activate.
FeedFlare : If you want Social Share Facility along (below your blog post in feed) your blog feed, then you can tick all, there are lots of options like email this, email author, digg this, stumble it etc.

Now at the last, Summary Burner : This is the most important step to show only selected content size or content summary in feed page. You can set maximum length of words and just add something in the box like “You can read full post by clicking on Post Title” or anything you want o tease.
Thus the necessary optimization is done, you can also go fo other tabs.

Publicize :

Publicizing isn’t much a big deal, simply activate all service which you want. But for BuzzBoost/Email Subscription you should try these special Email Subscription Widgets for your Blogger Blog instead the ordinary form. Activate Email Subscriptions, Ping Shot and other services.
Now you can set the Communication Preferences under Email Subscriptions Tab, that’s so simple you can set your email there, confirmation email subject and confirmation email body. (make sure you keep $(confirmlink) in the post body where you want to appear the activation link for the user) hit save after everything choosen.
Now go to Email Branding Tab, you can set there your blog title, headline font, color, size, font type. YOu can almost customize your blog post feed which will be delivered in blog subscribers inbox, hit save.
You can also set Delivery Options, there to select or Schedule the email delivery !
Make sure to enable / activate the Ping Shot !
You can also show Feed Count on your blog, you just need to put the code there.
Now you can connect your Twitter Account with FeedBurner under Socialize Tab, set format options, item selection and hit save, now your blog feeds will be published on Twitter !
If you are posting genuine, original and quality content/articles, make sure that you activate Creative Commons !
I hope you might have found this article helpful. If you have any problems, just drop your spam free comment or simple contact me.
Stay connected via Social and FeedBurner Subscription !

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