DealChaat launched, Location based mobile deal service

Ideafarms backed with mobile deal service DealChaat offers a disintermediated location based service that merchants can self-manage to publish their deals. Customers can choose deals directly from the merchants in their preferred location. The unique feature about the service is the shopper does not have to purchase any coupons or vouchers through DealChaat.

The DealChaat app (Android) was released on November 13, 2012 while iPhone app was released in the consecutive month.

“The platform is designed to disrupt the existing daily-deal paradigm. It is a service platform launched for merchants to be able to promote their deal and for consumers to obtain them at a location suitable for them. Our service offers deals directly wherein the customers do not have to buy anything from us. Customers can choose radius on their mobile and locate deals in a particular category as per their needs and convenience,” said Atul Chawla, Director, Marketing and Sales, Ideafarms.

Presently, the service has 800 merchants across the categories.

Speaking on the parameters of choosing a merchant, Chawla said “Presently, we have 700 to 800 merchants across multiple categories. We choose merchants from areas where there are shopping malls or traditional shopping markets. We are not restricted to known brands or retail chains we have individual merchant deals.”

Terming the response from users as ‘encouraging’ Atul claimed that but the number of app downloads on an average is 15 to 20 download a day.

The service which is currently available in Delhi-NCR will be expanded in future as the venture scales.

“So far the entire operation has been funded internally by us. We are looking to scale up model and go beyond Delhi-NCR to go pan India level. For that, we would need funds so we are in talks with firms. Presently, I can’t talk about it but hopefully we will be to share it over the next three to four months,” he added.

New Delhi based Confidign Solutions Pvt. Ltd., known worldwide as Ideafarms, is an innovation in ICT services and software company offering offers consulting, prototyping and development services.

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