How to Detecting Duplicate Content

It seems terrible when you see somebody else using your articles on their web page. It must have taken you time of analysis and publishing that unique content of yours, but it must have taken few moments to someone to replicate that from your web page.This typical trend current on net is known as plagiarism.

Sometime individuals replicate the actual content and use it and sometimes use some aspect of it for their own use. At periods they replicate your concept and create articles on their own, few creates some changes in articles or do auto shuffling of the terms to make it different.

All these affordable techniques creates the unique author experience but also concerns the power of his web page, as his articles can also be marked as ripped by google.

But thankfully that if bad elements overcome around, we have the resources to recognize them. Yes there are many on the internet resources available which help us to recognize the replicate articles current anywhere on the web.

Some of them have their existence and popularity for quite some time and some are new on the block. So let see such 5 amazing tools which help you to check Duplicate.


One of the most popular devices is Copyscape, which is being used commonly by every website owner to examine the validity of the articles being submit on their website. In 2004 it was released by Indigo Flow Technological innovation, Ltd.

It is an easy tool to detect copied content. Just copy the text or url of the content which you need to check copied or not. In few minutes it will give list of the urls of the sites which have similar content as your content. It also highlights the text which is the same.

One can register on the site and on paying some fees you can avail the two services being offered by Copyscape i.e. Premium and Copyscentry.

In premium the publishers can check the originality of web content they have purchased while Copyscentry helps you to monitor the web. It notifies you if find any duplicate copy of your content. You can find this tool available here.


Virante is also popular tools among webmasters. It is one of the most comprehensive tools available for checking duplicate content. Like a doctor it not only detects the duplicate content but also finds its cause and effects. One can trust this tool completely on avoiding plagiarism on your site. You can find this tool available here.


Copygator is another free tool for detecting duplicate content. It monitors your RSS feed. In blogsphere it easily detects if someone publish your content on their own site. It evaluates about 2 million blogs to detect any duplicate copy of the content. Copygator also has the feature of sending you a notification when someone copies your post and it is detected in their feed. This tool available here.

Dupli Checker

This one is another free online duplicate content checking tool. It does not any registration.  One just needs to copy the content in the text box provided and select the option of with quotes of without quotes.

you can also select the search engine Google, Yahoo and Bing. It provides accurate results with displaying the urls of the site where you content is present. It’s available here.



Plagiarisma is especially used to recognize ripped articles in situation of articles, dissertations and analysis documents. It is a no cost assistance available which help you secure your website from being fined by The search engines in situation of plagiarism. Plagiarisma is available here

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