Difference Between a Blog and Website

You can use blog and a website both to publish on the Internet. These days there does not remain much of a difference between a blog and a website since many web designers and developers these days are using blogging software to manage and publish websites that have got nothing to do with blogging. In order to understand the difference between a blog and a website you must know what a blog is and what a website is.



  • Static – For the most part websites stay the same.
  • Current – Updated several times a week if not more often.
  • Must have a bit of technical knowledge in coding or a Webmaster at the bare minimum.
  • No coding knowledge necessary. There are many choices of Blog Software out there to choose from that eliminates the need for coding knowledge.
  • All your concentration does not go into the content, but part is spent worrying about the coding and html.
  • Because you don’t need to know coding to run a Blog your entire focus can be on the content.
  • Website pages are broken up by Static Pages and Categories…. Products, prices, articles, pictures, etc…
  • Blogs are written more like a journal that is broken up by dates. Usually the most recent entry is on top.
  • When a Website is updated there is usually no feature that automatically notifies your readers of the update. Yes, you can put together a Newsletter, but that is generally something that is manually put together
  • Blogs are usually setup with a RSS feed for viewers to subscribe to. This RSS feed will notify your readers when you have updated your Blog with a new post. This will keep your viewers coming back for more.
  • Waiting period for Search Engine Spiders to spider your website.
  • Blogs can be easily setup to ping Blog Directories and search engines when you add a new post or update your Blog. This is one of the best features of a blog….This means your posts will appear in Search Engines very, very quickly. Usually within minutes.
  • Static Websites do not track conversations between Webmasters and Readers.
  • Many ways to notice communication between bloggers and readers.
    • Comments – Readers can post their comments and Blogger and other Readers can respond.
    • Trackbacks – When another blogger mentions a particular post and adds a link to that post a brief excerpt will appear in your post’s comment section to let you and your readers know that they could follow another blogger’s view point of your post.
    • PermaLink – When another blogger or website links to a specific post they will use the post’s specific page link…. This page link is called a PermaLink. This is a great way for link building on your internal pages of your blog.

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