Digital channel launched eyes capturing users across platforms

Smartube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd has launched digital channel which will spot trends across genres. When we checked the channel comprehends trends from Fashion & Lifestyle to Business, Politics, Sports, Music and Gadgets etc.

India Digital Review spoke to Kunal Kishore Sinha Founder, on how this venture is different from other entertainment portals, “While most other entertainment websites focus on covering news, interviews and gossip on a daily basis, will be the ultimate guide to find out about all things cool and in vogue. Our motive is to try and organize the sector. The idea is to have content that is not readily available or accessible to the mainstream media. For example, we have featured a Delhi-based shoemaker called Rameshwar Arya whose handmade shoes have won him unlikely patrons like Gulzar.”

He further informs that their target group is people belonging to the age group of 15-35 who Kunal describes as Twitter and Facebook generation that would rather sift through news on their mobiles or tablets than read novels or newspapers. Currently, the primary aim of the company is build up traffic and traction on the platform.

The company will not focus on monetization for next couple of years. Kunal tells us that although they have started with entertainment and lifestyle channel they will be building the platform creating new channels on fitness, food, comedy and so on in the near future which are web centric. They also plan to extend content pertaining to Sports, Advertising and Consumer technology.

Smartube Entertainment has incubated Trendspotters and is at present, sufficiently funded for the next two years. Kunal informs us that they might be looking at investments for scaling up at a later date as well as investing in new age media platforms.

Speaking on their broad plans in terms of content partnerships and tie-ups in scaling Trendspotters, Kunal says “We are looking at partnerships at different levels starting with distribution partnerships with live TV apps which are basically available on Android and iOS platforms and are used to view television shows, channels, movies or news on your entire internet enabled devices. We are keen on tie- ups of this nature for reaching a larger audience. As for content, at present it is being created by us. However, we will be looking at crowd sourcing in the next 6 months where people with a similar bent of mind can ‘trendspot’ for us. Since we are primarily catering to the web audience, we will be looking at short format videos of a maximum duration of 3-7 minutes which offer high quality content that is not time consuming. Thirdly, we will be exploring tie-ups with important events like film based events for which we can create content and provide additional publicity. It could also be a Fashion Week or a music festival like Sunburn.”

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