How to Disable Remove Last Seen Time in Whatsapp

If you are wondering how to disable or remove last seen time in Whatsapp ? Then you have landed on a right page, this post is about how to hide last seen time stamp in Whatsapp.

I am going to share a method you need not download any extra app just in order to hide last seen on Whatsapp. You might already know this method however if you are not aware of this method then continue reading this post.

How to Disable Last Seen Time in Whatsapp

  • First and foremost Disconnect your Data Connection /WiFi (Internet Connectivity).
  • Open Whatsapp Read and send messages.
  • Close Whatsapp .
  • Enable Data Connection (Internet).

As soon as the internet connection is reestablished Whatsapp will synchronize with the servers and the messages will be delivered without your last login update.
Thats it now you can easily hide last seen message in whatsapp

If you have any doubts or any new method to share feel free to share them in comments below.

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