Why You Don’t Have to Write Long Articles To Rank Higher In Search Engines?

Do I need to write posts containing lots of keywords to rank higher in search engines? This is frequently asked questions while writing a blog post. My answer is of course not. Yes I love to write more in order to get higher search positions. But this is not true. Even if you write blog post containing about 200-300 words including lots of keywords and high quality information it’s enough to get high rank in search engines. In my personal experience my posts containing lots of words definitely get good search rank while posts with less words are also not bad.

While Writing Short Posts Following Features Should Be Noticed

  1. Make the Post Title Unique and to the point
  2. Use sub-headings and sub-titles
  3. Use lots of keywords relating to the posts
  4. Put a descriptive image on your post content
  5. Use Meta Description on each post
  6. Try to include examples and case studies
  7. Research about the post that you’re writing and use precise information
  8. Social Media shares and involvement help you to rank higher in short time period

Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Write 2k Word Posts In Real World

  1. Quality Matters Not Quantity

    Search Engine prefers and loves quality rather than quantity. Quality is always more important than quantity in Google’s algorithmic analysis. Producing 200 words enrich in quality is far more better than writing 2k simple words.

  2. Quantity Without Quality Is Opposite In SEO

    Data shows that users like and share longer content. But with a decline in writing quality comes a proportionate decline in just about everything else. You’ll loose Click Through Rates, Traffic, Bounce Rate goes up and so on. Search engines as well as users stop liking you.

  3. Goal Is To Help Users Not To Write More

    It’s simple and straight. The content of your blog post is to help users. And the ultimate goal can be achieved by giving clear cut information instead of writing a boring lengthy content. Yes you can do much better if you could write long articles without disturbing it’s quality.

Final Words

If you write 2k word articles of high quality, then I commend you. If you’re unable to write 2k-words articles, then also I commend you. Just keep the quality up!
You can write 2000 word article and 200-300 word articles. Do your own tests. Find out which one will be more popular, have higher share rates, and gain more conversions. Keep in mind that there’s always more to it than just length. Focus on quality, and you probably won’t have any problem with rank. Keep Blogging, Happy Blogging! Peace, Blessings and Happiness 🙂
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