How to Download Torrents using IDM

Torrents are something we all love to download application and movies. Torrents provide a seamless way of downloading stuffs to your computer such as Games, Movies, Application, Books etc. There are several torrents sites which provide the service of downloading torrents for free.

Even downloading torrents is very easy. You just need a torrent client such as utorrent to download the torrents. You can switch to any torrent site, search for the stuff that you want to download, download the torrent file of that stuff and run it. The download will start instantly. But the problem with torrents is that the download speed depends on a lot of factor such as Seeders, Leechers, Peers etc. So, one might not get good download speeds even if he/she has a fast Internet connection.

However, that’s not the case with Direct downloads. Since they are hosted on dedicated servers, Download speeds are always high. Wouldn’t it be better if the torrents could be downloaded the same way? Well, today we are here with an awesome trick using which you can download torrents directly as a direct download without any torrent client.

ZBIGZ–Turn Torrents to Direct Downloads

Zbigz is an awesome service which allows you to download torrents directly using Download manager, eliminating the need of a torrent client. Since it has dedicated servers, it makes downloading torrents a breeze. So how does Zbigz works?

(1) First of all you will need the torrent file or the magnet link of the torrent you wish to download.

(2) Then head over to and signup for a free account. Creating account is also very easy and straight forward. You just need to provide your email address, select username and password and you are good to go.

(3) Once you have registered with them, go ahead and login. After you have logged in, click on the upload torrent file option and upload the torrent file that you just saved on your computer. Or if you are planning to use a magnet link, you just need to copy the magnet link and paste it in the box provided.

(4) Now that you have uploaded the torrent file or provided the magnet link, click on the Go button. Clicking the Go button will prompt you with another option. Here select the Free option.

(5) Once you have selected the Free option, the file will start getting downloaded to their servers. If someone else has requested the same torrent earlier, it would be available for download instantly. Otherwise it might take some time depending on the size of the torrent.

(6) Once the torrent has been cached, just go ahead and click on the download option and select the Free option again. This will start your download through your Download manager.

However, the speeds are limited to 2-3 mbps in the free version. If you are willing to get more speeds, you can buy their cheap premium packages. Another benefit of the premium package is that you won’t need to wait at all for caching of torrents as then your torrent will be downloaded to their servers immediately.

Over all Zbigz is an awesome service that makes downloading torrents a breeze.

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