How To Download All Your Tweets Ever

Just some days ago, Micro-blogging website Twitter started rolling out a feature that lets you download all the Tweets you’ve ever Twittered. We’ve known this was happening but now Twitter is starting to push the feature to everyone.

From Thursday, all tweets posted by a user, from the first to the last, will be made available for him to download and view, reports

“Today we’re introducing the ability to download your Twitter archive so you”ll get all your tweets (including retweets) going back to the beginning,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“Once you have your Twitter archive, you can view your tweets by month, or search your archive to find tweets with certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. You can even engage with your old tweets just as you would with current ones,” it added.

Previously, users were only able to search for their last 3000 tweets and the rest of their timeline was only available to advertisers who paid for access to your entire Twitter history.

However, now users can access all of the data they have provided the service.

In order to download tweets, the user only has to go to Twitter, click on settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and check the option to request his Twitter archive.

As promised by Twitter CEO Dick Costello, Twitter is now letting you download a collection of every tweet you’ve ever tweeted, beyond the mere 3,200 tweet limit imposed by the Twitter API. If the option is available to you, it can be found under settings. Once you request your archive, all you have to do is wait, and Twitter will send you an email when it’ ready.

When delivered, the archive is presented as a zipped HTML file which displays the tweets in a calender-like format, a better deal than a straight-up list of text. So get ready to dive into your own personal Twitter past. Or don’t. There could be some embarassing stuff back there.

Here’s how to get your old tweets

Go to your settings, and scroll down to the bottom. There you should see an option to request your archive. Click it if you do, and you’ll get an email with with a link to a .zip file of all your tweets.

Download All Your Tweets


Download it, and once you open it, ignore basically everything except index.html.

Here’s How To Download All Your Tweets EverSelect that and you’ll see a page where you can browse through every tweet in your entire archive by year.

How To Download All Your Tweets Ever

If you don’t have the option to get your old tweets yet, be a little patient. Twitter just started the big roll out today, so it will take a bit to get to everyone. Hey and it will also give you a little time to worry about the stupid things you tweeted two years ago when you were out partying.

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