Easy to Learn Foreign Language with Tumbolo.org

Nowadays it is very easy to learn a language from the place where you are, without going for a tuition. Learning a new language can be whole lot of fun as well as an added advantage. If you have a knack for languages, then you will find it quite easy to learn new languages. While there are many sites, where you learn foreign languages, there are few where you can learn Indian languages With English emerging as a global language of communication, other lanuages are slowly dying.  Tumbolo.org is such a website which helps people to learn new languages. Initiatives like TumBolo.org are trying to keep Indian languages alive.

Here you can learn languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chines, Arabic and some Indian languages namely Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil. They plan to add more languages soon.

You can start learning a language from numbers, colors, genders , etc,. Select language you wish to learn and then, from the list on the left side, select what you wish to learn. It also makes you know common words to converse with strangers when you are out of station. This provides an easy interface to learn those languages with English translation on the side. So don’t be afraid of language anymore, start learning the languages before you visiting any place. You can then learn the language by listening to audio samples. While the language of your choice will be on the right.

Apart from this, you can also choose to learn sentences depending on situations, like talking to strangers, shopping, airports, interviews, etc. This can come in handy especially if you are planning to travel to a country or city, whose language you are not familiar with. Even though the site lacks detailed tutorials and explanations, it is good enough to pick up some generally used words, sentences that can come in handy on your travels.

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