Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate

Email marketing is one of the best forms of internet marketing that has the best ROI. The email campaigns are so much effective that it helps you earn approx.. 35$-45$ for every 1$ spent. Being one of the traditional forms of marketing, email marketing still has the best engagement rate and even better ROI. Ti make this happen, your email needs to be opened definitely. You don’t want your email to land in spam inbox of user, right. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with the results.

Here are certain tweaks that I developed over time while practicing email marketing –

  1. Create an engaging subject title – The subject line is the most prior thing that a user sees when they catch the glimpse of your email. So, the subject title definitely needs to be given proper attention by your side to develop one of the best for the same. A/B split testing plays a great part in email marketing too. Split testing allows you to test your emails with different variables to help you get the best out of your emails. Always aim for a catchy subject line and test the campaign by changing variables.
  1. Spam Filters – Spam filters are developed massively over the years, but they still are not that perfect. To maximize your ROI, you definitely need to take certain steps to ensure that your email do not land in the spam folder. You need to do everything possible to avoid spam filters. Therefore, make sure to send your emails to your subscribers initially. IP addresses also plays a part in either landing you into spam or the daylight of regular inbox, therefore always try to start campaigns using a fresh IP address that hasn’t been blacklisted before.
  1. Timing – Timing of your email landing into the inbox plays a vital role in email marketing. Time of your email decides that whether your email will be opened or not. Here, you need to perform A/B split tests so that you figure out the perfect time to launch your campaigns. Weekdays are always the best to go while running email marketing campaigns.
  1. Write to just one person – Your email will look and sound more professional when it has been only written to a single recipient. Using recipient’s Name will ensure that it catches their attention and this has a better chance in making the email opened.
  1. Send as a person instead of a company – Mass emails from a company gets classified as advertisements directly. So, always try to send the emails as an individual person, this makes the email look more personal and opening rates for this are also more.
  1. Content Quality – The content inside the email is actually worth more than the title itself. If your readers are happy with your content, they are more likely to open your emails in future. Always try to create interesting, informative and engaging content and your email open rates will rise massively. Sending quality emails after a long time also helps increasing your email open rates a lot.

This tweaks can help you increase your email open rates to a better degree. Don’t be discouraged to view bad results even after these tips, because the thing that worked for me may not work for you. Therefore, always keep experimenting until you start getting best results out of your campaigns.

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