What Employers Look For In Your Online Profiles

Active job-hunters know that social networking sites can be some of the best tools for finding employment. These platforms showcase companies and their products, connecting job seekers to potential employment at businesses big and small by spreading awareness.

Recruiters are now looking at social network profiles too, using a candidate’s profile to assess how good of an employee they’d be.

LinkedIn, the largest social network for professionals, is the most popular destination for employers seeking new hires, but don’t overlook the influence of Facebook and Twitter.

Jobvite recently surveyed multiple companies and found that recruiters look at these accounts to see an applicant’s professional experience, whether they’ve made industry-related posts and to access how well they’d fit with the company’s culture.

What other things are employers looking for in your online presence? What profiles do they look at, and how often? This infographic breaks the numbers down.

Best Social Network Job

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