Facebook Change Login Page

Facebook is a 3 Highest population country. They always try to implement new design to it Login Screen.From Last few month Facebook try to Change its Login page look day by day. But Before taking about the new design Here is the old design of Facebook


Even the old design of Facebook is not too bad.But the new design which now Facebook which has released gives a social feeling for Facebook user’s as well as good for Touchscreen gadgets.
Here is the Latest Look of Facebook Seen on 6th of Jan 2013

Latest Look of Facebook Seen on 6th of Jan 2013

So we can say Good bye to the old look of Facebook page and welcome to the new Look. They might be continues change in the Login Page because they don’t want to be like any other website.Some other Log In
Screens which are seen from last few months are


And There are many more .As we expect there will be more and more Login screens Of Facebook in coming days.

Facebook Login screens Of Facebook

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