Facebook or myspace customers get shaken up every few several weeks with some type of risk, whether it’s regarding comfort concerns from within the social networking itself, or outside sources like the now-rescinded risk from Unknown to eliminate Facebook or myspace entirely in Nov. If your images, friends details, and other essential info are covered up in your Facebook or myspace consideration and nowhere else, it’s not a bad concept to download a duplicate copy of all of it for secure keep.

The website does allow customers to download a Zip data file of all their Facebook data, such as wall images, individual profile images, and information, but I question many customers have gone through the procedure, so few know how it actually works what happens, how long it requires, and what actions are necessary.

The organization creates it appears to be simple enough, but in common Facebook style, it is a lot trickier than you’d think. It took me about 80 moments, beginning to end, although most of that period was invested awaiting an e-mail for confirmation. It also took me two shots before I passed the verification test, and seeing as I am indeed who I say I am, I was rather amazed the analyze was so difficult that I couldn not finish it once around. It is not a fool proof analyze by any indicates, as you wll see in this step-by-step walk through of the procedure, finish with displays photos at every level.

On the one side, it does seem like Facebook created a good trust attempt at protection. It is practical that it should be challenging to download all your details from the website that serves more user uploaded private details than perhaps any other. However, the confirmation procedure is very odd, and it wouldn not be difficult for someone who’s not you to finish it if they did a little putting around online. Before you try to returning up your Facebook images, message history, and details, make sure you know what you’re getting into, and set aside a while to do it. Nov 5 is prior to you think.

1. Find the Link
Go to Account (upper right).
Select Account Settings.
Find and click the little link at the bottom that reads “Download a copy of your Facebook data” (why doesn’t it appear in bold like the other important items on the page?).

Click Start My Archive.

2. Wait (and Wait) for an Email
Wait for an email letting you know the archive has been created. For me, this step took about an hour (although the Facebook account I used to test didn’t have very much in it, so it could take longer for others).

 Back Up Your Facebook Data

How to Back Up Your Facebook Data

Back Up Your Facebook Data

and then Download Your Information