Facebook Eyeing Small Businesses for Campaigning Ad Tools

Social media that was earlier deployed as a medium to connect with near and dear ones now emerges as an effective tool for advertisement. Of late, social media giant like Facebook is eyeing small businesses with a sole aim to increase its advertising revenue and also to garner maximum clicks related to ads, reports Associated Press.

According to Facebook COO and author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, the main task of such a campaign is to show a path to the businessmen on how to get prospective customers through FB pages by purchasing ads that reflect on one’s virtual media pages. She also stated that the company is working on a campaign named ‘Facebook Fit’ through workshops that will take place in five cities to highlight the basics of deploying this popular form of media as a marketing tool in business.

Sandberg exclaimed “They don’t have enough customers. This is their No. 1 problem and we can help them solve it,” reports AP.
“Many of them are struggling just to provide regular content updates or to understand how to use social media, let alone become masters of social media advertising,” added Greg Sterling, an analyst in Internet2Go.

An analyst with eMarketer, a digital research company, Debra Aho Williamson further suggested that FB needs to be associated more with the smaller firms’ ads to compete with the search engine giant like Google. “They need to be sure they’re seen as a strong partner to small business owners,” she added.

With 25 million small business users worldwide, Facebook has recently updated its technology to make it user-friendly for business owners to adapt specially through their phones, Sandberg said.

“They have to make it really simple, affordable, and measurable—a small business owner has to be convinced of the success and efficacy of the ad campaign,” Sterling said.

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