Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is Color blind?

The original design of Facebook, when it was called thefacebook.com and you were required to have an .edu email address to even open an account on Facebook, was blue in color. The new Facebook which has close to a billion members is also mostly blue.

Zuckerberg’s remarks in English were translated to Russian by a female voice-over, according to CNET. “It was a lot of fun. We had an interesting conversation,” he said of Medvedev. “He’s very supportive of developing the technology industry here in Russia. We’re really excited about this too. A lot of what I came here to do is talk to developers and engineers and entrepreneurs who are going to build stuff using Facebook and build a lot of new Russian companies.”

Zuckerberg also opened up about his life, saying the reason why he wears so many T-shirts is because he was forced to wear a boarding school uniform for so long. He also explained why he chose Facebook’s blue color scheme.

“I’m colorblind. Blue is the color I see best,” he said.

The interview gave the public a glimpse of the private Zuckerberg. It’s somehow a little appealing that billionaire Zuckerberg has a weakness — colorblindness — that makes him a little more human. However, the knowledge that he went to boarding school makes him a little less approachable.

According to The New Yorker, Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, which means the color he can see best is blue. That also happens to be the color that dominates the Facebook website and mobile app.

“Blue is the richest color for me,” he told the magazine. “I can see all of blue.”

Why is Facebook Blue in Color

Facebook has gone through some major redesigns in the past few years but one part that has more or less stayed the same in all those years is the site’s blue color.

Everything is so blue about Facebook right from the sign-up page to the logo, their mobile app and even the site pop-ups that have shades of blue. Why?

A New Yorker story on Mark Zuckerberg explains why Facebook is all blue in color. It says the young Facebook founder is color blind but can see blue:

Colors don’t matter much to Zuckerberg; a few years ago, he took an online test and realized that he was red-green color-blind. Blue is Facebook’s dominant color, because, as he said, “blue is the richest color for me – I can see all of blue.”

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