Facebook Messenger for Windows Will shut down!

BANGALORE: Facebook is planning to turn off the support provided to its popular Messenger service on Windows Desktop and Firefox starting March 3rd. The news was reported soon after Microsoft declared that the Facebook Messenger App will be available soon on Windows 8 Phone platform. As published by First Post, the Facebook Messenger has already put up a notification on the log-in page which reads, “We are sorry, we are no longer able to support Messenger App for Windows, and it will shut down on March 3, 2014. We appreciate you for using Messenger to get connected with your friends, and we assure you that you can continue chatting and view your messages on http://www.facebook.com”.

The Facebook Messenger official page no longer displays the Windows Messenger icon and the installation option was reported to be removed for over a week. This development leads to the conclusion that Facebook is more concentrating on Messenger for Windows phone, and other mobile devices, rather than focusing on Desktops. Mozilla Firefox is also not spared as the users are getting the same denial of service notification from the social media giant’s Messenger App.

The service for Windows Desktop was launched in March 2010 and for Firefox in December 2012. There are unofficial reports which state that the Messenger app would be available to OSX platform. Facebook Messenger app for the Android and iOS devices will continue to work as usual without any interruption. However, there was no official confirmation from Facebook on the reason why the service was unplugged. Even though the social network has granted access for its app to be used in Windows Phone, it may take a few months to launch the service as reported by the website.

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