The Future of Gaming PS4 Launched: Sony PlayStation 4 console

On Wednesday sony unveiled its new PlayStation 4 system with the words “”future of gaming”.

Sony Corp said it will launch its next-generation PlayStation this year, hoping its first video game console in seven years will give it a much-needed head start over the next version of Microsoft’s Xbox and help revive its stumbling electronics business.

Sony computer entertainment unit chief Andrew House said PS4 “represents a significant shift from thinking of PlayStation as a box or console to thinking of the PlayStation 4 as a leading place for play” at a press event in New York.

There was no glimpse of PlayStation 4 at the launch event. “It was odd that Sony did not show a physical device,” said Gartner consumer technologies research director Brian Blau.

At the event sony spoke much about the device imagination. It was aimed primarily at gamemakers and players. PlayStation 4 will release this Christmas. It is a powerful, always-connected machine, one ostensibly easy-to-use by both consumer and developer. Sony said it will form part of an “ecosystem” of services and devices comprising social, mobile, tablet, TV, console and desktop. PS4 is no bachelor. It’s the father of an extended family.

Sony Playstation 4

“PlayStation 4 will unleash imaginations to create next-gen experiences that surpass gamers’ wildest expectations, while also allowing developers to explore other business models,” Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said at a launch event.

“By combining PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network and social platforms, our vision is to create the first social network with meaning dedicated to games,” Perry said during the event.

He spoke of letting people access and play videogames on the Internet using PS4, smartphones, tablets or PS Vita handheld devices.

Smartphones and tablets free games services increasing pressure on videogame companies. According to sony “A PlaySation App will let iPhones, iPads or Android-powered smartphones or tablets be used as “second screens” augmenting play taking place on televisions connected to PS4 consoles.”

As Sony said the PS4 could come to market at the year-end holiday season but did not provide details. New-generation consoles are typically priced in the $400 to $500 range, and blockbuster game titles hit the market at $60 each.

Sony believes that gamemakers and players would love the experience of New-generation PS4.

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