Future Smartphones May Be as Thin as Paper

Within decade the mobile technology is going to change everything in human race. Though India has about 30 million smartphone users today, the number is growing by more than 50% every year. Rajan Anandan of Google at a recent conference on digital trends stated that what excite him is the potential of 2015. It’s 38 months to the end of 2015, when we India will be at 300 million smartphone users and the second largest connected market.

Future smartphones will contain lots of changes. Future phones will be super-thin and will be charged wirelessly for sure. Smartphone makers are finally adding wireless charging capabilities to their handsets,no need of searching for that microUSB port or dealing with a rat’s nest of cables. Samsung Galaxy S III has already got the wireless charging trend.

These smartphones uses the Qi wireless charging standard.This technology based on the principle of magnetic induction by allowing power to be transferred from a charging mat or even a speaker dock to a smartphone’s battery.

One could easily project high-definition huge screens on walls with the help of phone projector and it  will make your phone a power buff of business.

Future phone will capable to analyze your surroundings, It’s doesn’t mean only Bluetooth devices and car audios it would have feature of self-aware of lot more things.



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