Google AdSense:7 Tips To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Have you started a blog, wrote a number of articles with great information and get handsome traffic but not earning any money through it? That’s really bad. Don’t wait anymore, Read this article, here I am to going show you tips to get Adsense approval fast and what are the things you need to take into account before applying for Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is among the most effective contextual ad network, which aids you to earn $100+ daily if you apply correct generating income from approaches. Prior to continuing I want to make you obtain a clear idea on exactly what precisely does this contextual ads indicate? Contextual ads are the type of ads that are offered by the ad network based upon the content you wrote or on the theme of that particular websites. This makes your ads versatile and decreases your job. You may get a question that, exactly how it can decrease my work? Well, there are many ad networks which do not display contextual ads on your blog. You have to look for a certain advertisement that fits your content and afterwards display those ads on your blog site. Here, you will certainly be throwing away a great deal of time and occasionally you could get the ads that are unimportant to your material. In this circumstance, you will certainly be saving much time if you make use of Google AdSense, and you will get appropriate ads, which assists you to obtain an excellent variety of clicks on ads as well as you can earn money from that.

Tips to get Google AdSense approval fast:

1. Quality of Articles Matters:

This is one of the major factor that makes a decision the authorization of your AdSense account. Make certain that your write-up is having a minimum of 500 words. You can create a post as extensive as 1500 words, however if you create a really lengthy short article, your visitors might dislike reading a specific post. Write a minimum of 20 top quality short articles before obtaining AdSense. This doesn’t suggest that you could compose crappy posts useless. Though you create 15 short articles make sure that it consists of terrific details and attempt to compose distinct content, below I am not urging you to find out rocket science. Composing write-ups from your encounter make your post look a bit special …

2.These Pages Really Help:

Before applying for google Adsense, make sure that you create these pages: Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us and Contact Form, these pages really help you a lot. It really looks like a professional blog if you add these pages, If the blog is looking professionally, then Google AdSense is definitely going to approve your blog.

3.Use Custom Mail ID:

While signing up for Google Adsense, you have to submit your E-mail ID, as they send you some code to place on your blog. After placing the code on your blog, Adsense team is going to review your site and the information provided by you. Use custom mail ID to register. Custom mail ID is nothing but

4.Avoid Other Ad Links:

You may be using other ad networks for monetizing your blog. But before applying for AdSense, remove all the other banner ads or ads of any other network. Also, remove all affiliate links which are placed in your blog content or at sidebar. Don’t worry, after getting approval from AdSense you can use them back. But besides getting approval from one of the best PPC- Pay Per Click ad network like AdSense, I think you really don’t need any other PPC network anymore. Yes, you can place your Affiliate links or banners if you want to earn through affiliate marketing besides using contextual ads.

5.Make a Good Blog Design:

You have to choose a good blog design. Make sure that you have a great blog design and layout.There are many free WordPress themes out there,you can choose any of them and customize it in a way that it looks deft. You have to customize your Menus, content area, Footer, sidebar in an impressive manner.

6.Design a logo:

Can you imagine a giant company like Facebook without having any logo? Can it maintain a brand for a long period ? Probably No. It is always better if it has a logo, then only that particular company can keep up its popularity.

7. Amount of Traffic Doesn’t Matter:

Unlike other ad networks, Google AdSense didn’t keep any restriction regarding a number of visitors. Whereas in some of the ad networks, your are eligible to get approval only when you have a good amount of traffic. But AdSense also invites, new blogs to take part in their program, even though you have a new blog with less amount of traffic, then don’t worry, you can apply for AdSense. And your blog will definitely get approved if you have great content and proper blog design. So it would be better if you stop worrying that “I don’t have much traffic, will AdSense be approving my account or not.” As I said traffic doesn’t really matter, just apply for Adsense, if your blog is approved then congrats! If rejected then don’t worry you can re-apply for it. They will mention the reason for the rejection of your application. While re-applying make sure that you have fixed the mistake done by you at first time. But if you need to earn good money then traffic i.e., number of visitors really matters and for getting approval it does not.

If you follow the above instructions carefully, then there is no doubt that you will get your Google AdSense Approval within  2 days.

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