Google AdWords Update: The Report Editor

Google AdWords Update: The Report Editor

Working with MS Excel for reports is hectic for those who have yet to come across a simpler way to make tweaks in the reports of Adwords. But Google have come to their rescue by coming up with a functionality to easily make some changes by adding / few more fields, thanks to Drag-And-Drop Report Editor.

The changes have already started rolling and would be finished in few days.

Those who have not used this functionality as well as Excel’s pivot table feature, Google would take them through a tutorial to make the process to create a report using Report Tab for the first time.


Some of the features that you would appreciate while using this Google Adword update are:

  1. Ease of changing data inputs

Reporting is never an easy task, especially when data is extremely big. How often you find yourself arranging a report and then experimenting with other ways it could be better represented? Änd you set again on pulling it in a different way to answer some specific question, which needs quick addition and deletion in the table thus formed using pivot table feature of Excel.

This editor helps you get this done swimmingly.

  1. Setting up required filter

Sifting through data can become a tedious task, and the same is true for the pivot table you generating using report editor. Only this time, you would be able to set up filters quickly, thanks to the new Filter Functionality added.

View and analyse one layer while second and more await you to reveal deeper insights. You will face no difficulty in focussing on specific keywords or details regarding ad group or campaign, or clicks, conversion and any other detail you want to singularly point out.

You can refer to it as multi-segment analysis.

  1. Graphical representation

Graphs are the most convenient way to study and analyse a set of data. Most people do not make anything of any data unless presented in appropriate graph. Report editor gives it to you in few clicks: data shown in the charts / graphs of your choice. You can use that image in presentations and reports, and let others also visualise what you did.

So, life is easy for you as well as for the people working on the data and analysis related to Adwords, thanks to the newest update by Google!

What could be more?

For many people more is less. Some analysts feel that Google could have done better by adding some more features (and they hope it might include these as future updates of the Adwords)

Formula: Being able to add formula of choice as offered in Excel is something every one wishes.

Clubbing: Being able to bring some of the items together would be a great convenience for the Adwords analysts, like dates and campaigns.

Let’s wait and watch what Google comes up with!

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