Google New Feature Talk to Chrome

Google announced the Google Voice Search Hotword extension for Chrome on desktops and laptops. Google bring its “OK Google” feature to the desktop, Tuesday, on The Voice Search works similar to the one on smartphone, by saying “OK, Google” followed by the search term. You can download the new tool, currently in beta, now directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Android users with version 4.4 KitKat will recognize the feature: it lets you talk to Google without first clicking or typing. It’s completely hands-free, provided you’re already on just say “OK Google” and then ask your question.

Here it is in action:

Google New Feature Talk to Chrome

The introduction of the new feature comes in time for Thanksgiving holiday, a time when people generally look for recipes on the Internet. Users can run immediate search with voice commands even while cooking. Google gave some cooking-related examples such as “OK Google, compare olive oil and butter,” or, “OK Google, what is five tablespoons in ounces?”

The getting started instructions are straightforward:

  • Download the extension.
  • Click “agree” to give your permission to use your microphone.
  • Visit on Chrome and give it a try. Just say “Ok Google” and then ask your question.

In addition to getting new recipes on the Internet, users can set reminders and calendar events. The integration of the Voice Search in to PCs is the next step in Google’s efforts to increase its user-base. The extension is currently in beta phase and has scope for improvement. For the Voice Search to work on a desktop, users will need a mic installed, of course. But most laptops come pre-loaded with mic system so users can download the browser extension and enjoy the feature.

Unfortunately, the extension is currently limited to the English language in the US. That’s a bit disappointing given KitKat is available in more than just its native home, but we’ll keep a close eye on this one to see its language availability expand.

The 4.7MB Google Voice Search Hotword extension can be downloaded via Chrome Web Store. Give it a shot and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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