Google Nexus 4 Sold Out ‘Within Minutes’

The new Nexus 4 by Google and LG has already collect praise for its fast processor and low price tag. It is  one of the most anticipated Android phones of all time. Google’s Nexus has sold out within less than an hour of going on sale and now the device remains unavailable to order — and many of the fans who waited out the Google Play Store on the phone’s launch day are still waiting for any sign of their shipments.

Google launched both–the 8GB and 16GB model and it sold out within minutes of the phone’s launch earlier this month. It’s true hot products in high demand. Google still not clarify when the phone will be back on sale.

Google’s Nexus is in high demand due to the handset’s low price – it costs just £239 unlocked with 8GB of on-board storage, or £279 with 16GB.

However Google’s other devices, including the Nexus 7 tablet by Asus and the Nexus 10 by Samsung were still available.

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