Google plus ads will run on the display network

Google plus ads is the next move from Google, as you can run ads for your Google plus posts but the key player here is that it will not be running on Google plus itself.

Google is going to use the display networks for running Google plus ads, although it is something new as most of the social media channels run ads on the same platform but Google has the edge of 200 millions website which use for ads.

Google plus ads will create opportunities to the users to interact with your brand through the display network as they can add comments, join Hangouts or +1 to the brand’s posts

With the new advertising option your content is reaching all the internet users whatever they are browsing using the desktop, tablets or mobile phones. Google display network has the benefit of reaching the targeted demographic, targeted segment and potential customers.

On the other hand it will be much better & free space for user experience because most of social media users are being annoyed from ads.

Reference to Eran Arkin, a product manger at Google that they have tested the new ads for Toyota USA, Cadbury UK and Ritz Crackers, Arkin mentioned that the ads increase the click through rate.

The new Google plus ads will be available for all advertisers by the next month.
Finally, Share with us your opinion, do you think about the new Google+ ads and how much will it be useful for marketers

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