As Google is for Web Search, Topsy is for Twitter search

If you are frustrated of searching tweets through your twitter account, there is a good news for you.  Topsy, an analytics company, has decided to do it better. The San Francisco-based company announced on Wednesday that it has indexed Twitter’s whole archive of public tweets ranging back to 2006, giving users a very simple tool to search through it.

There is no question that real-time community networking sites like Twitter posts have become an essential platform for community conversation, whether the conversation is about fashion disaster in a party or the dancing havocs of Miley cyrus.
But Twitter works on its own search algorithm on which it shows the latest of all tweets. Finding the history of tweets or analyzing any old tweet has been a troublesome task till recent.

Topsy has come up with its hierarchical idea of data interpretation in Twitter.  It has indexed whole of public tweets till now in an orderly manner to create an index. Now people can use Topsy as search engine for Twitter.

The San Francisco-based company announced that People can use the tools for free at The site offers more advanced paid tools that can be used, for example, if developers want to track the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

“How do you make sense of 400 billion pieces of content?” said Vipul Ved Prakash, Topsy’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “One, by ranking it. We do that ranking by looking at how much a particular piece of content is being cited by other people.

Mr. Prakash acknowledged that most of Topsy’s users work for businesses that need to mine Twitter for valuable information, such as Visa and USA Today. Competitors like DataSift and Gnip also offer access to  the Twitter archive, he said, although their ability to deliver real-time information is more limited.

 Social Search

Through the latest feature Topsy has also targeted the Web search. Topsy is hoping to make it easier for the average person to find social data like tweets, links, photos and videos across the Web which is Known as “social search”.

Social Search has been quite a hectic issue for all the leading social networking sites. Marred by the different privacy settings, Social search has not been up to the expectation. The social network is trying to make a better search tool for users with Graph Search.

In recent History Google had offered a way to search for data from people on Twitter, Facebook, weblogs and other sites through its Real-Time Search tool, but the feature was disabled in 2011.



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