‘Grand Theft Auto V’ release dates for Xbox One, PS4, PC announced

GTA broke records and became the fastest entertainment franchise to have reached the total sales of $1 billion which it has achieved within a short span of three days. The successful open-world action title launched last year and earned rave reviews. It will be hitting next-generation game consoles in the latter part of 2014.

The new versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC will have various kinds of visual and technical updates. The aim is to create a more “immersive” gaming experience to the players. These latest versions are said to feature “draw distances” and will have a higher resolution. Other improvements to the game would include enhanced damage and weather effects, new foliage system, heavier traffic when cruising around Los Santos, additional wildlife, new weapons, vehicles and activities, and more.

Players who would pre-order the game will receive in-game bonus cash worth $1,000,000. They can use the cash to spend in GTA Online and GTA V.

GTA V launches on the PS4 and Xbox One on Nov. 18 while PC gamers would have to wait until the game launches on Jan. 27 next year. There’s no information from Rockstar on why the PC version would be delayed. However, it is confirmed that all three versions would feature the same updates to the original version. Incidentally, the game will also be packed with over 100 additional songs that one can play while driving.

Grand Theft Auto V talks about three main characters with each one having his own backstories and unique missions. The setting is at the fictitious location of Los Santos which is found in Los Angeles. When playing, gamers would instantly notice the striking similarities between Los Santos and LA.

The game, which originally launched in September 2013, earned more than $800 million in global sales within only 24 hours when it was released. As of last month, Rockstar revealed that around 34 million units of the game had been shipped worldwide.

While Rockstar confirmed that the game’s story will remain in the upcoming versions, the game is getting the above-mentioned upgrades to add more flavor to the story.

In addition to the launch of the GTA V, Rockstar said that the Grand Theft Auto Online, the company’s online and open-world platform game, will also be available to players of the PS4, Xbox One and the PC. Players who are currently on the Grand Theft Auto Online games will be allowed to port their characters and game progress to PS4, Xbox One and the PC versions as soon as they become available.

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