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Earth Clinic is here on the list because we will not underestimate the amazing efficiency of home remedies. As a Malaysian, you know well enough that your grandmother’s recipe for sore throats is more effective than what the doctor may prescribe, and Earth Clinic embraces these methods.

A Site for alternative medicine, compiles medical treatemtts that are not directly prescribed under ‘Westren Medication’, meaning that they also touch about hearbs and traditional methods aside from homebrew remedies. Most of them are easily accessible and require little effore.

Earth Clinic currently has central offices in Atlanta and correspondents from around the globe, including the irreplaceable Ted, however, it began in 1999, very simply as our founder and owner, Deirdre’s private healing site in Los Angeles. On a bit of a whim, she added a page on – you guessed it! – apple cider vinegar after having such success with it for allergies and sinus infections. As it turned out, people were much more interested in the few home remedies posted on our site than in the alternative healing modalities that had been our founder’s specialty. The site as you know it blossomed from that first uncertain seed into an orchard full of effective, home-tested, and community-vetted remedies and cures proven through years on this site and in the homes of commonsense families for centuries.

Deirdre Layne is a founder and Executive Director for Deirdre is a widely respected expert in natural remedies, constantly in touch with the daily conversation within the Earth Clinic community and looking to uncover the next revelation in the world of natural remedies.

Deirdre’s career in health and healing began 22 years ago with her training in energy healing techniques that relieve interconnected physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses or imbalances. Having established her therapeutic services in Los Angeles, California, she currently maintains a healing practice at the Atlanta Center for Energy Medicine.

Deirdre holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Mount Holyoke College. Her training in healing followed, starting in 1989. Deirdre’s greatest influence has been in studying natural healing under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed healer and author, Rosalyn L. Bruyere, since 1991. Deirdre was ordained by Rosalyn Bruyere as a non-denominational Minister of Healing and received her Master of Natural Theology in Sacred Healing through the Healing Light Center. Deirdre has traveled extensively to study spiritual healing, folk medicine and native remedies in Thailand, Indonesia and Nepal.

In 2000, Deirdre was invited by the California Pacific Medical Center to be one of the healer-participants in a National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded Distant Healing Study to determine the effects of Distant Healing, as an intervention performed either by experienced healers or nurses, on rates and severity of AIDS-related symptoms, medication side effects, adverse events, medical utilization, and scores on two psychological and quality of life inventories.

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