A Guide to Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

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You already know that Ctrl+Z is undo and Ctrl+X is cut in most programs while using Windows , but did you know you can even use keyboard shortcuts to make your Facebook experience even simpler?

These useful cheat sheets show the basic Facebook keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac computers. If you find these keyboard shortcuts easier to use than navigating with a mouse, then just print out the cheat sheets and keep the paper close to you whenever you browse on Facebook.

While both cheat sheets feature the keyboard shortcuts needed for the system’s default browser, Chrome and Firefox, if you’re using a Mac, you don’t even need this information because the shortcuts are the same no matter what browser you are using.

The shortcuts are browser-specific, so you’ll need to memorize the relevant key sequence for the browser you use from the list below.

Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + [key stroke], then Enter

Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + [key stroke]

Firefox for Mac: CMD + [key stroke]

Safari for Mac: CMD + [key stroke]

Chrome: Ctrl + Alt + [key stroke]

Then it’s just a matter of adding those different key strokes to navigate the following pages:

/ = Search

0 = Help

1 = Home

2 = Timeline

3 = Friends

4 = Inbox

5 = Notifications

6 = Account Settings

7 = Privacy

8 = About

9 = Terms

There are also action shortcuts, as follows:

c = comment when on a story in your News Feed

j and k = scroll between News Feed stories

l = like or unlike a selected story

m = new message

Will you find these useful? Got any other Facebook ninja tips and tricks to share? Have your say and share the love with the The Next SEO community in the comments section below.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut

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